Wonderful vacation

Loved our stay, can not wait to return. The food was excellent, and the staff was amiable. I highly recommend this hotel!

Just came back from a girls trip along with the team in GP Royal Cozumel made it a leading one. The reasons were well-kept, and the food was considerably better than I have had at any all-inclusive hotel. Excellent value @ a fantastic price!

The hotel was beautiful. We loved snorkeling directly from the hotel and also want to try the cozumel shore snorkeling from other places. The food was fair, but the fantastic team made up for this by far. I would strongly recommend this hotel. Thank you, Gilberto, for creating my buddy’s birthday unforgettable.

Very friendly and clean. If you’re seeking to unwind or enjoy a fantastic time with your loved ones, you will find it in this hotel. Seeing all of the Cruise ships come and go and using the gorgeous view of the ocean in the room was priceless!

This was a fantastic cut, and I’d invite my family and friends to see this specific site. The staff was friendly and quite useful. We’ll recommend this location to other travelers in the not too distant future.

The buffet has always been fantastic and has improved since our last stay. We attempted the new fish restaurant for the first time, perhaps they only needed off night, but we’ll give it another try on our next trip. We twice ate in the Italian restaurant, fist nighttime great, the next night maybe not so much. Spanish restaurant has been fantastic.

Loved this hotel. They started implementing the dress code to its specialty restaurants. We did not plan for this, and I’d mostly brought dressier shorts and button-down tops. Men aren’t allowed to wear any shorts. Girls can wear a few of their very inappropriate items and be allowed entrance. Men will probably be turned off instantly. I went back into the room, changed into jeans that did not go with whatever and we surely seemed less dressy. Only wish they’d accept well-dressed guests alike, women and men.