You will not want to leave!

Most fabulous found ever when we chose to visit SATP. From the minute we arrived and had the exact Club Mobey experience in the airport throughout the whole week. We want Club Mobey was provided at each and every destination we’d ever go. Here is actually the 1st all-inclusive hotel that we’ve been to that we’ll return to again and again.

The beach since you’ve read from other reviews is over the road; however, it’s a closer walk than at a number of the more prominent hotels that sit on the water.

Also, we agree that the best aspect of SATP is the team. Each of these is friendly, helpful and always has a smile and really excited to speak to you personally and help with everything you want. They suggested amazing tours like the cozumel atv jungle adventure with our friends. Would love to thank you for still doing our room up and the beautiful things on our mattress. 1 night I spilled a jar of water onto them, and they immediately went in and changed the sheets to us, and we really enjoyed that so much.

Stacy who each morning would assist with getting us coffee to return to the area she was useful for breakfast each morning but must confess my favorite thing was lunch period we arrived back from the shore to have a Jiggy java.

Kirk and Karrie that the bartenders who had a beautiful smile and a friendly hello and was put on with getting us drinks and my husband likes to joke about and the two of them only went along and was really fun dealing together.

Paul in the piano our nightly amusement we genuinely enjoyed sitting around the piano as well as did some dance. This is only one of the fantastic attractions in SATP.

We’d like to thank Lolita who since I awakened didn’t actually reserve anything, but she had been accommodating with helping us attempt to cancel a trip. She additionally assist us with looking into horseback riding of that we’ll do a year ago, to only always using a friendly hello and could answer the queries we had. She’s totally a significant advantage to SATP.

We appreciated Lotus Leaf one night and tried for a different we ought to have booked it sooner. The Chef’s display was really pleasurable, and they did an excellent job because it had been moved indoors due to the rain. They really were ready for any difficulties. The buffet had a fantastic variety each evening and really great food. Lunchtime had a superb salad bar with various options every day.

We look ahead to the following year to observe that the shore baths finished. What has been completed is entirely, and I understand that after all finish they’ll be really unique. We’ll stay here again.