Good Hostel in Downtown Cancun

Ramon was so, and he helped me locate my telephone! Lifesaver! When I have the opportunity, I would really like to stay here! The pool was very high. I meet many friends in this hostel. Employees are fine also! In general, it is a beautiful experience!

I remained at Mezcal and Nomads. They are both perfect in their own manner. Nomad is a bit newer but a bit pricier. I enjoyed Mezcal better due to the employees there were really amazing every evening. They have activities going on all of the time and require us to nightclubs and pubs. They also recommended a cozumel taxi tour if we wanted to see better beaches. Lauren took us took care of us – she is excellent! I forgot that the other employee’s names but they are all wonderful.

It was a high rate, and it included dinner. Each of the management and staff was really fine, particularly Lauren!

That I would strongly suggest this location for anybody, who’s trying to find a last minute choice at a fantastic price. It is also in an excellent place, near the bus station. There is a grocery store nearby too.

I remained at Mezcal and Aztec Monkey (it is now Nomads) using a buddy in November. We had an excellent experience here. The free meal daily for dinner and breakfast is excellent. Somewhat small but it is a fantastic bite. All the employees here were super neat, particularly Lauren! I like the place as it was near the ADO bus station.

I remained there for almost two weeks during my trip at Cancun. The hostel was fantastic at the moment I arrived. I was greeted with these friendly and helpful staff particularly Itzel. She was so beautiful and specialist and helped me to settle in quite well. The free meal regular was excellent along with a decent sized part. A lot of exciting activities to perform along with drinking games to compete in most coordinated by Irving who had been a great pleasure. I rate the hostel quite highly!

My buddy and I spent a couple of days in this hostel. We had a lot of pleasure. There we discovered amazing folks that welcomed us in the best manner and made us feel at home.