Outstanding Visit at Half Moon

I remained at the Half Moon Villas with seven additional, and now there was great. I can not wait to return next year and ask them!

Half Moon is a simple drive from Montego Bay airport. Everybody was friendly and seemed genuinely pleased to see us. While talking to the staff, they mentioned some snuba cozumel royal caribbean tours in Mexico! Front desk repetitions Gabrielle, Monique-Gail and bellman Omar, were the first three people struck at the resort, and my husband and I felt as though we’re home.

We appreciated the low critical setting, no loud music or disco dance parties at nighttime. The shore sailors approached us with brilliant smiles and brought us towels instantly.

Our Jr Suite had beautiful decor and a large bathroom (two sinks, a shower, and another bathtub ). Large bedroom w / bed and sofa, two A/C units, two TVs (that we have turned on), a separate sitting room and an outdoor terrace just a couple of steps from the shore. It was beautiful to wake up to the Caribbean water every morning and walk directly onto the white sandy shore.

You may have a look at snorkel equipment and snorkel right on the shore. We moved farther out to the reptiles and watched lots of colorful tropical fish and just a stingray. Really trendy! There is a lap pool in which we did our daily swim practice. The pool attendants were always pleased to see us found goggles for me to utilize. In general, we had an enjoyable experience, which is cherished forever.

For contrast, we proceeded into Sandals South Coast to attend a marriage after five times in Half Moon. Inside a couple of hours in Sandals, we understood just how much we overlook Half Moon! Continue the Fantastic work, Half Moon. I am hoping your expansion does not alter the character of this hotel.